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Equine Massage

Equine Massage Therapy offers various benefits for the horse, including improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, increased flexibility, and enhanced overall well-being.

It can aid in preventing injuries, speeding up recovery, and promoting relaxation, benefitting both the physical and mental aspects of the horse's health.

Additionally, equine massage therapy fosters a stronger bond between the horse and its handler, as it involves hands-on interactions and attention to the horse's body language and responses.

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Canine Massage

It is the assessment and manipulation of soft tissues (skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia) and joints for therapeutic purposes, in the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction.

Canine massage therapy has the best results when the participation of the owner, massage therapist and the supervising veterinarian, are all involved. This ensures the best approach to treatment and an increased overall benefit in the effects of therapy.

A treatment plan is a very valuable part of an ongoing health maintenance plan.  Your canine massage therapist will create and plot out the best course of action that will assist you in reaching your goals for your dog’s active, healthy and happy life.  All treatment plans will be approved of by your supervising veterinarian.

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